The free, flexible, and visual way to create an emerging booking experience for your customers.

We help your business grow by creating an emerging booking experience for your customers to enjoy, by easily enabling you to manage your bookings and customers online.

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One calendar for all your needs

It has never been easier to see new bookings, create new bookable events or create events not visible to the customer. If you want your users to see selected events (fx: holidays etc.), you can easily do that with just one click.

Save time by allowing your customers to manage their bookings online

With BookAndBegin you get both happier customers and more time, by allowing customers to change, cancel and create bookings online. From their dashboard they can easily change time for an existing booking, cancel or contact your company.

Easily manage team bookings

With Book&Begin you can easily get started with managing bookings for both services and teams. Export a list over people joining your events or sent them a direct message.

Easily manage your customers

With just a few clicks you can view, edit or contact one or more of your customers. You can even define what information you want your customers to fill out before making a booking.

Get in touch with your customers

With just a few clicks you can contact one or more customers and manage your mail correspondence in one place. Customers can reply to every message sent and they will automatically show up in your dashboard.

We don't create limitations - we create opportunities

No one likes to be limited by the services they use. That's why our API allows you to fully customize the service in a way that fits your company. And if you want out, you can easily export all you data - we don't take it hostage.

Continue to use the services you like

BookAndBegin has integrations to many external services we all love and enjoy. Integrate with your existing Google Calendar and watch your bookings directly in your existing calendar or visa versa.

Automatically notify customers when something happens

BookAndBegin automatically notifies users if their booking has been changed, cancelled or approved on both e-mail and SMS. And you can fully customize both text and appearances for the notifications send.

We are in this together

No great product ever finishes - at least that's our filosophy, plus we cannot make this service perfect by our self. That's why we continue to create new features and functionality based on feedback from our customers.

Easily integrate with your existing systems

Many companies already have a way to manage customers. That's why we've created callbacks that allows you to easily create, update or delete customers or events in your existing system, when the callback has been triggered.

Get started within minutes

By inserting a small code on your website you can easily get started with showing bookings on your website. You can also redirect the user to your own custom BookAndBegin domain.

Advanced statistics

With BookAndBegin you can easily see how your bookings perform and compare the statistic with previous week, month, year etc.

Make customers easily find you

Our listing allows customers to find the services you provide and easily create bookings without having to find your company first. This also create better rankings on search-engines.*

* Only available in selected countries

Only pay for the features you like

It can be difficult to get going for any new businesses and there's a lot of expenses involved. That's why we've created several plans, including a free plan which can get your company up and running without getting any money out of your pocket.

We don't charge a fee for upgrading or downgrading your account. If your traffic spikes for a month, simply upgrade and cancel once the spike is over.

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